The Name

In this video, Ross Nichols is teaching and reminding us that “the LORD” has a name. Ross provide us with the foundation of how the the Holy name became the LORD. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6r5EhTqg4U

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One is God; God is One

In this video. The core message found within the Hebrew is the oneness of the Creator. In the 9th verse of the 14th chapter, we read, “In the day He (YHVH) will be One and His name One.” At the present, the Creator is not known, and that it this time, every man walks...

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Melchi-Zedek – Genesis 14:1-24

n this week’s lesson, the second in the patriarchal stories, Ross continues his ongoing study of the triennial Torah cycle of readings. The class covers material found in Genesis chapter 14. Ross shares that in this chapter we are introduced to a view of Abram that...

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The Redemption Key

Having recently taught a three part series on the Redemption during the season of Passover, Ross shares a class entitled, The Redemption Key. This class focuses, not on what YHVH will do in regards to the redemption, nor on the work of any redemptive or messianic...

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